Construction Accidents Higher Among Older Workers

Construction Accidents for Older Workers Morris County NJ

Study Finds Greater Injuries in Construction Workplace Accidents Among Older Workers

According to recent studies there are more people than ever who are working at age 60 and older. This growing demographic is especially present within the construction industry. A 2010 survey found that the average construction worker was 41.5 years old; five years older than the average found in 1985, according to the Engineering News Record (ENR).

The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, we has extensive experience recovering full and fair compensation for our clients of all ages injured in all manner of construction accidents in towns across Morris County and Sussex County, including Newton, Netcong, Dover, Denville, Parsippany, East Hanover, and Morristown. Please call our Morristown office or our Newton office today to discuss your individual needs, concerns, and situation regarding any kind of construction site injury in a free and confidential consultation with our legal team.

Sussex County Construction Workers : Danger Increases with Age

Though some professions can carry inherent risk, aging workers are at an even greater risk of injury. This is especially true in physical labor-focused jobs, such as construction work. The recent ENR study looked at the safety and health of these older workers in order to better understand the dangers they may face on the job.

According to the above mentioned study, while older workers are less likely to be injured on the job than a younger worker, the injuries they sustain are more serious when they do get hurt, and more likely to be fatal. Some 19 construction workers older than age 65 died during accidents in 2012 throughout the United States. Because of less robust health and longer recovery time, older workers can have much longer convalescent periods after an accident, leading to far more physical complications and longer lasting disabilities.

Negligence : Common Dangers for Older Construction Workers

Construction work is a field where injuries commonly occur. However, injuries may not only result from the dangers associated with a workplace. Unfortunately, the negligence or recklessness of contractors, equipment manufacturers, and other third parties may lead to serious trauma for a worker.

Construction accidents can result from many different causes. Negligence on the part of construction companies, property owners and equipment manufacturers may all contribute to construction site accidents.  These accidents often include:

  • Exposure to toxic materials commonly found at construction sites (including silica and asbestos)
  • Scaffolding and Ladder Collapses and Structural Failure
  • Slips and falls on unstable flooring
  • Use of faulty or defective equipment (such as heavy machinery such as forklifts, cranes, conveyor belts and hoists)
  • Motor vehicle use (including dump trucks, forklifts and tractors)
  • Electrocution
  • Being “caught between” or crushed by heavy objects
  • Falling debris
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Burns

Construction accidents may result in some very serious physical injuries to workers.  Other significant construction site injuries include muscle strains and sprains, broken bones, loss of limbs, spinal cord injuries including paralysis, head injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and concussions, internal bleeding, repetitive motion injuries, as well as loss of hearing.

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Attorney Michael P. Burakoff and our law office has decades of experience recovering full and fair compensation for our clients injured in construction site accidents across New Jersey, Morris County, and Sussex County, including communities such as East Hanover, Morristown, Parsippany, Denville, Dover, Netcong, Hopatcong, and Newton.

Our firm works closely not only with our clients, but their families as well. We understand how precarious a family’s situation can get as medical expenses mount and the injured party remains unable to work. For these reasons we focus on keeping our clients and their families informed and involved throughout the legal process as we work to secure you the compensation you need and deserve to make your life whole again.

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File a Morris County Wrongful Death Claim

File a Morris County Wrongful Death ClaimWhen something as catastrophic as wrongful death occurs as the result of a workplace accident is a tragic and traumatic way to lose a family member. Historically construction work is one of the more dangerous professions. From  scaffolding and ladder accidents, forklift accidents, crane accidents as well as other types of unfortunate incidents; construction sites have traditionally been dangerous work places especially when not all safety precautions are taken. This is a fact that is well known to families of those who hold jobs in the construction industry.

In the tragic event that you lose a family member to a construction accident it is important that all their rights and the rights of your family are protected.

The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, represents clients with many years of experience in recovering full and fair compensation for those injured or killed in construction accidents of all kinds. Michael has represented victims in towns across Morris County and Sussex County, including Newton, Netcong, Dover, Denville, Parsippany, East Hanover, and Morristown, NJ. Please call our Morristown office or our Newton office to discuss your family’s needs, concerns, and unique situation regarding any kind of construction site injury in a free and confidential consultation with our legal team.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim for a loved one in Sussex County NJ

A construction accident wrongful death claim is usually filed by a spouse or child of the decedent but may also be filed by the person who has been left in charge of the deceased’s estate. This may include other authorized representatives of an estate. The decedent’s spouse, children or grandchildren, parents and siblings, and others who may have been economically dependent upon the decedent may benefit from restitution.

If you were an economic dependent of someone killed in a construction or other workplace accident then it is critical to have your interest represented by an experienced and qualified attorney.

Wrongful Death or Survival Action Claims in Morris

The two types of claims that may be filed after a workplace-related death are:

•  A wrongful death claim which asserts and seeks compensation for losses and damages suffered by the heirs of a decedent.

• A survival action which seeks to secure compensation for pain and suffering of the decedent, and perhaps, lost wages from the time of the accident until the decedent’s passing from their accident related injuries (often that can be many months or years after the incident).

Damage Compensation Categories: Morris Wrongful Death

The primary categories for damage compensation are:

  • lost wages
  • loss of financial support
  • companionship and household services
  • costs associated with medical
  • funeral and burial expenses

Statute of Limitations in my Netcong Workplace Accident Case

The Statute of Limitations for wrongful death claims in New Jersey construction accidents is two years. Meaning that the claim must be filed with the courts within two years of the date of the indecent. However, depending upon the entities involved there may be notices required within 90 days of the decedent’s passing. For this reason it is important to retain legal counsel immediately. Moreover, time is critical  when it comes to collecting and protecting valuable information and evidence. Speaking with a Netcong Construction Accident Attorney can help to assure that you take the correct action as quickly as possible.

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At The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, our legal team has extensive experience recovering  fair compensation for the victims and families of work-related accidents and injuries of all kinds in towns across Morris County and Sussex County, including Dover, Hopatcong, Parsippany, Netcong, Newton, Morris Plains, Denville, Morristown, and more.

Attorney Michael Burakoff believes in working closely with the families of those who have tragically lost their lives in construction accidents in order to get a full and complete understanding of the impact the passing of their family member has had on them emotionally and financially. This allows us to pursue a settlement that best represents their losses as well as their needs going forward.

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