Scaffolding & Ladder Accidents

Legal Rights After a Ladder Fall or Scaffolding Accident

Framing contractors and other construction workers who regularly work on scaffolding and ladders know exactly how dangerous such work can be. Scaffolding and ladder workers rely on their own common sense to keep them safe, but they also rely on safety measures required by the federal office of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA).

In most cases, the workers’ compensation system prevents workers from suing their own employers after a worksite injury. However, when a worker falls from scaffolding or a ladder, workers’ compensation may or may not be the only way to get repaid for medical bills and lost wages.

There are a number of situations where companies other than the worker’s employer may have been partially responsible for the accident. In such situations, injured workers have the right to file personal injury claims against those companies, which may allow them to obtain more complete and fair compensation for the injuries suffered.

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At The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, P.A., we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of construction workers injured on the job. Attorney Michael P. Burakoff has more than 35 years of experience representing accident victims as they seek full and fair compensation for their losses.

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Immediate Investigation Is Critical After a Scaffolding Accident

After a scaffolding or ladder accident on a construction site, it is critically important to have an immediate investigation by a lawyer representing the injured person. If contractors or subcontractors violated any OSHA safety regulations, it is all too likely that such violations will be quickly fixed after the accident. We prefer to visit the accident scene as soon as possible to document any safety regulation violations and to interview potential witnesses among fellow workers.

To succeed in a private lawsuit after an injury caused by a fall from scaffolding or a ladder, it is also important to establish that the construction manager or general contractor had knowledge of any unsafe working conditions and failed to correct them. For example:

  • Did sheetrock workers regularly get into position for installation by standing on the sheetrock while it was lifted via forklift?
  • Did people working at height wear safety straps?
  • Were proper fall guards in place?
  • Did the job site comply with OSHA fall protection regulations?

Workplace safety laws protect every worker, even unregistered immigrants who are not legally eligible to work in the United States. The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, P.A., represents all injured workers, including unregistered immigrants.

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