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Hurt at Work? There Might Be Legal Options in Addition to Workers’ Compensation Claims

After an on-the-job injury that was not your fault, you may think a workers’ compensation claim is the only way to get paid back for medical bills and lost wages. Many workers who file workers’ comp claims are frustrated, however because the workers’ comp system often only pays a portion of your total costs.

You May Be Entitled to Sue for Additional Financial Compensation

It is true that the workers’ compensation system prevents workers from suing their employers after an injury — in most cases. However, there are some situations where a worker may file a civil lawsuit against his or her employer in addition to filing a workers’ comp claim.

The most common situation is when the employer’s malicious action caused the injury; in other words, the employer purposely did something or failed to do something and an employee got hurt as a result.

There are also situations where an individual or company other than the employer played a role in causing the accident or injuries. For example, some work-related injuries involve defective products or unsafe conditions on other companies’ property. In such cases, you may have the legal right to sue the manufacturer of the dangerous product — or the owner of the unsafe property — and recover compensation for financial losses relating to your injuries.

Even if you fall in the parking lot of the office building where you work, the parking lot may be owned by another company. In a case like that, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation outside the workers’ comp system.

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